Monday, 29 June 2009

Hen Do

So, I got bored... really bored yesterday night. Phoned up my mates in Cardiff, but everyone seemed to be busy with something. That's fine... I'm an understanding person. So, I guess I'll just try something weird, clubbing alone and see how it really feels like... Yeah... how weird am I?

I dashed into the club really early (before 10pm) when there's still some sunlight, cause it's summer. How weird and strange??? Hmm.... Anyway, dashing into the club really early saved me admission tickets.

Once I'm in the bar, bought myself a bottle of Stella, and started chilling all by myself. Yup, no one to talk to, no one to bother me, and I get the whole table and sofa ALL BY MYSELF. Haha... So, I guess I wanna be an ASSHOLE, so I started lying down on the sofa, while everyone else have to stand and start looking for a place to sit. Haha...

When the party really starts kicking in, I then went to the dance floor, with more beers. Haha... I then bumped into a bunch of girls who are on a Hen-Do. So what's a Hen-Do? The following photos should give you guys some hint.

Got it?? Basically, it's a female version of a 'Bachelor's Party'. Strictly girls, and the girls go out for some drinks before she gets married. Of course, to add some fun to it, normally they have a list of stuff that the 'Bride to be' needs to accomplish. Such as, get a guy to buy you a drink, pose with the bouncer, make 2 guys to fight over you.... etc... You get the picture how British are...

But anyway, back in the club, I met this bunch of girls. I started talking to them and ask when is she getting married. She replied in another 4 weeks. I then ask if I can buy her a drink, and she said yes. We then continued our boring conversation... And she then kissed me with her filthy lips... The same lips that suck other guy's cock... Haha.... FUCK!!!

After that, I then pushed her away, and started rinsing and cleansing my mouth with more beer. Just what the fuck is wrong with these British... FUCKING HELL....

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